RITTER Line Boring Machines

Ritter Line Boring Machines are woodworking machines used to drill rows of evenly spaced holes in cabinet and furniture components, such as for mounting hardware. They are designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use, and can help woodworkers save time and effort compared to drilling holes by hand. Ritter's line boring machines have a range of features to make it easier to change between different hole spacing and sizes. Our line boring machines are commonly used in cabinet and furniture shops and are a popular choice among professional woodworkers and cabinet makers. Our time-tested Line Boring machines bring consistency to every line drilling operation. We have solutions that range from small shops to high volume production environments.


  • 13 Spindles


  • 23 Spindles


  • 46 Spindles


  • 76 Spindles


  • 152 Spindles

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