The Ritter R300V is designed for high and low volume production requirements. The R300V is the largest version of our heavy duty cabinet door clamping tables. In this system the operator is freed from the task of managing individual bar or pipe clamps, and instead, uses pneumatic clamp cylinders to apply pressure to the glue line. Each cylinder is easily operated by a slide toggle, and the entire system is activated by a foot pedal. The vertical easel allows for fast and square assembly. The multiple pneumatic clamps ensure high clamping pressures on the piece.

Standard Features:

  • 6' X 12' Vertical Assembly Easel
  • 17° Easel Angle
  • (10) Universal Clamping Cylinders & Manifold
  • Squaring Bars on Left and Right Sides
  • (4) Material Hold Down Dogs
  • (3) Adjustable Material Positioning Stops
  • 2" Cylinder Position Grid Pattern
  • 3" Bore Clamp Cylinder Housing
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Perforated Steel Table
  • 12 port Manifold with 1/4" NPT Regulator/Gage
  • Adjustable pressure from 20 to 130 PSI
  • Foot Treadle

Technical Data and Specifications:

  • Usable Table Area: 139" x 70"
  • Work Height: 16"
  • Footprint: 144" L x 27" D x 85" H
  • Electrical: N/A
  • Air: 80-100 PSI

Additional options:

  • U300E05 - Additional AC-20 Universal Clamp Cylinder
  • U37515 - Additional Manifold Assembly
  • U300E16 - Additional Foot Treadle Assembly
  • R300H - Horizontal Table

Shipping Weight: 1,643 LBS
Shipping Dimensions: 151” X 77” X 30”

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