Ritter R220T Pocket Hole Machine is Built to Last!

October 10, 2018 by
Ritter R220T Pocket Hole Machine is Built to Last!
Jake Mulder

Ritter R220T Pocket Hole Machine is Built to Last!

The Ritter R220T is the most durable and dependable pocket hole machine on the market today. Designed with professional woodworkers in mind, the R220T couples heavy-duty and precision to create the ideal pocket hole machine.

About Pocket Holes & Pocket Joints

Woodworkers use pocket holes to conceal screws and create a tight and strong joint. To do so, a low-angle hole is drilled and a pilot bit is used to create a small hole (or pocket) for the screw. With a pocket hole, you can easily join two boards together and preserve the overall integrity and appearance of the wood. Pocket cutters save valuable time and resources. 

Pocket holes are used primarily in the production of cabinet face frames and a variety of professional furniture applications.

Over the years, pocket hole machines have evolved to reduce or eliminate the need for extensive measuring, manual clamping, and guesswork. For pocket joinery, precision is crucial due to the angled cut and screw-joint sensitivity.

Durability Is Key

Unlike many of the low-cost Pocket Hole machines on the market today, the Ritter R220T minimizes maintenance and downtime which allows shop owners to consistently produce, meet deadlines and increase profitability year after year.

Many hobbyists settle for a pocket hole jig or low-grade portable pocket hole machine. On the other hand, Industrial woodworkers and shop operators need a machine with power, durability, and stamina. The R220T is the perfect option.

Cabinet makers, furniture makers, and other woodworking professionals put the Ritter R220T Drill Tub to work every day making a broad range of furniture, cabinet designs, and other applications. With the industry booming, cabinet makers are putting a lot of hours on their machines and wear and tear is inevitable. Every time a machine goes down, valuable time and profits are lost. 

The Ritter R220T ensures a solid joint every time by using a 6500 RPM spindle, a foot actuated pneumatic boring cycle, adjustable fences, and a top-of-the-line clamping system.

Drill Speed

The drill speed on a pocket hole machine is critical and directly impacts the cleanliness of the cut. A clean-cut ensures precise and repeatable pocket holes which are critical to a strong and clean joint. Some pocket hole machines leave chips and imperfections behind which require further sanding and cleaning after the cycle. Due to the high drill speed of the R220T’s dual spindles, no additional sanding or cleaning is needed.


When it comes to pocket holes, strong clamping is needed to keep the stock in place. In doing so, the drill bits can penetrate the stock without causing too much movement and variation in the drill axis. The R220T uses an automatic hold down cylinder to secure the stock without applying too much force and causing damage.

Foot Pedal Operation

The R220T is operated by a foot pedal which enables the operator to focus on perfect alignment and repetitions. For high-production shops, the foot pedal enables increased repetitions and an emphasis on safety and quality.

Made in the USA

At Ritter Machinery Company, we take pride in building machines that will keep your shop up and running for years to come. If you’re a woodworking professional, don’t settle for a low-cost imported pocket hole machine. There are a variety of pocket hole machines on the market today, but professional woodworkers know they can count on a Ritter Machine to last! The Ritter R220T is designed and manufactured in the USA. 

Check out this video of the R220T in action!

Ritter R220T Pocket Hole Machine is Built to Last!
Jake Mulder October 10, 2018