The New Ritter Machinery Co.

May 30, 2018 by
The New Ritter Machinery Co.
Jake Mulder

For over 40 years, Ritter has been a name that was synonymous with American made industrial woodworking machinery. Ritter has earned a reputation of reliability and dependability with its products and also excellent customer service. Ritter’s signature reputation is for heavy, ruggedly built and user-friendly machinery. Today, Ritter is a recognized name in the worldwide woodworking industry and is one of America’s leading woodworking machinery manufacturers.

In March of 2016, Ritter was moved to Holland, Michigan under new ownership. It will now operate under the name Ritter Machinery Company and will be building the same machinery that Ritter has built for the last 40 years. Initially, we will be building a select group of machines that are listed under the machines menus, but we plan on expanding the line as demand dictates. We will also be able to help current Ritter owners with their spare parts needs.

We know that Ritter has a long history of serving the woodworking industry and we look forward to furthering that commitment to excellence in the coming years. Please contact us today and allow us to help you with your future woodworking machinery needs.

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The New Ritter Machinery Co.
Jake Mulder May 30, 2018